Tips for free

  • Know Spanish. At least a tiny bit. In another case, Cubans will make sure you pay according to your lack of knowledge;

  • Check every single receipt, change and etc. At some point you will start tipping for honesty.

  • Don’t reserve bus tickets online (Viasul). Always go and buy tickets physically few days before your planned trip to some destination.

  • While getting of the beaten track have a plan how you will come back. For example, if you go by taxi to small suburb or remote beach and feel extremely smart on having a deal with driver that he will pick you up later - think again.

  • Never drink water from tap and always check bottle before buying if it wasn’t opened before and refilled twice;

  • Make sure in which currency you pay. Local restaurant will try to make you overpay by average of 25 times. If you know that prices were set in CUP - pay how much you needed and leave without turning back;

  • Cubans say what they think you want to hear. Double standards include morality and honesty. This is extremely applicable for ones involved in tourism;

  • Everyone knows each other and every deal includes chain of people that participate, try to cut it. Every extra participant cost you at least 5CUC. For example, if you want to go to the beach by private bus, go to street and find driver, because your landlord will charge you for calling that amigo.

  • Relax, nothing will go by your plan.

Information has a tendency to age, so having it in mind we would kindly invite all the fellow travellers to contribute. Share your treasures here.

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